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Oven, Stove, Range repair service

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It’s often said the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it’s no wonder we rely on the warmth provided by our ovens and cooktops everyday. When your oven, stovetop or range can’t handle the heat, give Maple Leaf Appliance Repair a call. Our professional technicians can install, remove and repair makes and models of any variety.

Gas or electric, standalone or combination, old or new - we here at Maple Leaf pride ourselves on being able to repair any make or model. There is no charge if we visit your home and cannot fix your problem! Call us today for your free quote.


Stove burner won't torn on

If one or more of the surface elements won't torn on or won't turn off the problems is either with the surface element or with the switch - in both cases it is an easy repair and performed in less than an hour.

Oven not heating

Not heating oven is the most common problem, the cause of this could be a burned fuse or a faulty relay board. There are cases where the main control board may be the reason for a not heating oven. If it is a gas oven most of the time the problem is with the igniter.

Oven temperature not accurate

When your oven is not keeping the right temperature or not reaching it, the problem is probably with the temperature control thermostat. Sometimes a temperature sensor might be faulty causing the temperature to be not accurate in the oven. A faulty control board is one of the reasons for this problem as well.

Oven won't turn on

Oven won't turn on due to a faulty thermal fuse that trips if the oven overheats, if it is blown the oven won't turn on at all. One of the relays on the relay control might be faulty as well, in that case a new board is required. Faulty main control board is a common cause as well.

Oven door locked

If the oven door is locked (usually after self cleaning) the problem in most cases is with the door switch and it needs to be replaced. Sometimes a faulty main control board is the reason for the door being locked.