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Fridge repair service

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We’ve come a long way since the days of root cellars and iceboxes. Modern fridges boast a huge variety of features: icemakers, drawer-style freezers, water dispensers, different door styles and much more. With added parts and functions come more potential problems and maintenance, but Maple Leaf Appliance Repair’s technicians are up to date on all makes and models.

No job is beyond our expert technicians! Contact us here at Maple Leaf Appliance Repair today to get your free quote, then arrange a home visit (no charge if we can’t fix it).


Fridge is warm, freezer is ok

If your fridge is not cold but the freezer is ok you are encountering a pretty common issue for a household fridge. Most of the time this might be caused due to a faulty evaporator fan, frosted evaporator coils or a faulty damper control. No worries it is a pretty easy fix and we are able to help same day in most cases.

Fridge is leaking

A leaking fridge is not fun. In many cases the cause of the leakage would be a clogged or frozen defrost drain hose and just poring hot water on it can solve the problem! In other cases the fridge might be leaking due to a faulty water inlet valve.

Fridge is noisy

If the fridge is running load or making weird noises it is probably because the evaporator fan blades are rubbing against something, check for an ice built up in that area. The noise source could be also from the condenser fan if it is faulty or if something is caught in the blades.

Fridge is not defrosting

Your fridge would stop defrosting in one of three pretty common cases: The defrost control board is faulty, the defrost timer is faulty or the defrost heater needs to be replaced.

Fridge is freezing food

When our fridge starts to act like our freezer and freezes our food it is most likely because we have a faulty temperature control sensor (thermostat). There are some cases where we need to replace the thermistor (it monitors the air temperature and sends readings to the board for adjustments). And there are times when our temperature control board just gave up.

Fridge is not making ice

It might sound simple but in most cases we are not going to get our desired ice due to a high temperaure in our freezer. If the temperature is higher than -12C (10F) we might not get ice, simply adjust the temperature to be lower and problem is solved. Sometimes though the ice maker might be faulty and just needs to be replaced.