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AB 587 557 8989


Our technicians will explain the cause and the solution of the problem in an easy and understandable way. If necessary, we will advise not to go ahead with the repair when a repair is expensive or not worth it.

We share the actual retail price of any part we install and we will show you the new part versus the old that we replacing. With Maple Leaf Appliance Repair you can forget about being serviced with unnecessary expensive parts or dishonest service.


We believe that we should only get paid for good, professional solutions, For that reason, we will not charge for labor in the case of a problem that we can't solve.

Our pricing system is one of the most competitive in Canada.

One of our principles of working with clients is giving a quote before starting the repair, giving YOU the opportunity to decide if you want to invest your hard earned money on the repair.


The last thing anyone wants is an inexperienced, poorly trained technician.

By complying with safety regulations, all of our technicians are certified and insured so you will have you peace of mind. Our company is a registered commercial body with a valid City license.


In the vast majority of cases, our team is equipped with the right parts on board our fully loaded service vehicles, so the repair will be performed in the same day.

Our appointment management system allows us to ensure that we will be able to reach you the same day and get the repair completed in the same appointment. We fully guarantee all parts and work. We’re also committed to a fast follow-up call in case the problem repeats itself.