dishwasher repair

There is no denying that a washing machine occupies the top spot among home appliances. It may come second only to a stove, but since there are alternatives to these, you can still manage if one of them breaks down. However, a broken washing machine can be a big problem. Unless you’re willing to wash clothes by hand, it is better that you recognize the signs of washer repair. This can help you address any issues in a timely manner, and not have to deal with a broken washing machine that takes a lot longer to fix.

Some of the biggest signs that your washing machine is close to breaking down and you need to call for repairs include:

Problems with the Spin Mechanism

There are several things that could interfere with the spin mechanism of your washer. While problems like an imbalanced washer have easy fixes, some problems with the washer motor require professional attention. This motor is responsible for making sure the spin mechanism works smoothly and causes the basket to agitate. If there is very little agitation, then the splines of the motor could be in need of replacement.

You may also observe that the basket spins in one direction, but gets stuck when spinning in the opposite direction. If this occurs, you will have to get your motor replaced. Consider calling a professional dealing in washer repair in Vancouver for the job.

Problems with Drainage

Improper drainage is another sign of washer repairThis could be because of a clog in the drain pipe (something that you can take care of on your own). It could also be because of a problem in the drain pump. If you believe the drain pump has gotten jammed, then you will need to inspect the drain pipe as well as the pump inlets for foreign objects.

You could also be dealing with a locked up pump. In this case, the washer motor continues to run and tries to turn the drain pump. As a result, the belt of the pump will burn or break. If you continue to run the motor with a seized pump, then it will eventually cause damage to the motor as well. Call a professional if you face this problem and get your drain pump replaced as soon as you can.

Noises Coming From the Washer

If a foreign object gets lodged somewhere within the washer, then you will hear clicking, gurgling, buzzing, or humming sounds. This depends on where the foreign object is likely to be. For instance, a gurgling sound indicates an obstruction in the drain line. Buzzing and humming indicate the presence of a foreign object in the drain pump. This can cause some serious damage and you may need to call a professional dealing in washer repair in Vancouver to get the pump replaced.

Besides this, leaking water, too much shaking and moving, and incomplete spin cycles are also signs of washer repair. If you’re looking for specialists dealing in washer repair in Vancouver, we suggest you call Maple Leaf Appliance Repair.