call professional for fridge repair

A broken fridge is a major inconvenience, and if you are the type to survive on leftovers for several days, then you’re likely to suffer even more. The bigger the problem, the longer you’ll have to wait for it to get repaired. One way to avoid this is by knowing when your fridge might be due for repair. After all, your fridge will not just randomly decide to break down one day. It’s a slow process and comes with quite a few warning signs. Let’s take a look at some of the major indicators that you might have to call a professional for fridge repair in Vancouver.

Temperature Fluctuation

Temperature fluctuation is one of the biggest signs that you need to get your fridge repaired. Things like your food going bad within a day will tell you that the temperature within your fridge is fluctuating and it is not cooling properly. Improper cooling will also cause your electricity bill to go up as your fridge has to work harder in order to cool properly.

Besides your fridge, your freezer will also show signs of malfunction when your appliance is not working as it should. If you notice that your freezer is freezing itself, then it has to be repaired. Some of the obvious signs of over-freezing are when ice starts forming on the side of the freezer door or when the door sticks. You can unplug your freezer and defrost it to fix this problem. However, if it continues, you will need to call someone for repairs.

Build up of Condensation

If your fridge appears to be sweating or if you notice any water around the fridge, then it might be a sign you need to call for fridge repair in Vancouver. Excessive condensation results from your fridge working too hard. A puddle of water, on the other hand, might be a result of a clogged drain hole or because a crack has developed in the drain pan. You can get a better assessment from a fridge repair technician. They can identify the source of excessive condensation and fix whatever is wrong with your appliance.

Overheating of Coils

Excessive heat from your fridge coils is another warning sign of fridge repair. As we mentioned earlier, a malfunctioning fridge has to work harder in order to cool properly. This will cause the coils to emit heat and you will sense a change of temperature in your kitchen. In order to check whether the coils are overheating, go behind the fridge and place your hands close to the coils to see if they are emitting heat. DO NOT touch the coils when you do this. If you feel that the coils are producing more heat than usual, then you may need to call for fridge repair and get them replaced.

To Sum It Up

There can be any number of reasons for fridge repair. If you notice any of the above signs in your appliance, then we suggest you don’t wait it out and call a repairman. If you’re looking for a professional dealing in fridge repair in Vancouver, we suggest you contact Maple Leaf Appliance Repair.