are used appliances worth the savings


It cannot be denied that large appliances make up a quarter of the world’s waste. Every year, e-waste increases in volume and is predicted to exceed 81 tons by 2030, making it the fastest-growing domestic waste stream in the world. Fortunately, there’s something that each one of us can do to keep this number to a minimum. If you’re planning to purchase new home appliances, consider going for used ones. They can not only play a role in waste management but also save you a lot of money. 

However, it’s not that simple. There are a lot of things you must consider before making such purchases. The selection of used appliances tends to lag behind trends. Most importantly, you may not always get a great product. Let’s dive deeper into the factors that are crucial to keeping in mind before considering a used appliance purchase. 

Life Expectancy

If you’re looking for a used one, make sure that the appliance is only 5-10 years old. Because more than 15 to 20-year-old models are usually not fixed by appliance repair technicians because the cost is probably not worth it. Appliances also have exceptions when it comes to their life expectancy. The Whirlpool direct-drive washing machine, for example, is a stellar example of a real workhorse according to many repair technicians 

Price Element

You can save as much as 70% on older pre-owned appliances excluding delivery and installation charges. Most appliances can be purchased for about 50 percent off-even if they haven’t been used at all. You are most likely to get an amazing deal on appliance showrooms as they only stock used items that are in great shape. 

Delivery & Set Up

Some used appliance stores require you to arrange your own pickup and delivery. So you must consider whether or not this deal is profitable. If the final cost is close to the new appliance, then what’s the point of getting a used one? However, some companies offer delivery services for a fee, including the removal of your existing appliances. 

Find a Reputable Local Dealer

When searching for used appliance stores, online information can be very helpful. If you are considering visiting a particular location, try to look for online reviews. It is especially useful when reviews refer to specific instances in which a store was incredibly helpful or mention salespeople by name. Use this information for your own benefit and reach out to ask for a good deal. Salespeople who sell used appliances have in-depth knowledge of particular brands and models and know when to replace or repair them. They can most certainly help you make the best choice. 

Overall, used appliances can be a smart choice for you depending on your particular situation. If you are able to find an appliance that’s 5-8 years old and with free delivery and installation, grab the deal without a second thought.  

However, if you’re paying a significant amount of money and still getting an older model, you should probably pay a few hundred bucks extra for a brand-new appliance.